About Us

About Us

We are Mike & Nani

After years of travelling and working in some of the world's best hotels and restaurants we have started on a journey to create the best backpackers in New Zealand.

We are a Kiwi and Brazilian couple who love to travel, get outdoors, soak up the sun and most importantly do it with others! Don't be surprised if you find us knocking on your door to see if you'll join us for a barbeque on the beach, to have a go on the paddle boards, a swim in the river, or a trip to one of our favourite wineries.

Come and join us! Stay the night or just enjoy a drink in our gorgeous beer garden and exchange stories with us, the locals or fellow travelers.

We look forward to seeing you at The Prince Albert Backpackers and Bar!

Meet Caipirinhia & Churrasco

Hi everyone!!!
We are Caipirinha -Caipi- & Churrasco -Churras- for short.
Our Mum and Dad own The Prince Albert and we love being able to meet all the interesting people that always seem to come and say hi.
If you do come and we are not around just ask Mike or Nani to come and get me wink They sometimes leave us to guard the house.